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2024/2025 Travel Team Tryout Registration


​Tryouts will be held on June 8th and 9th, 2024. Teams forming for boys and girls birth years 2018-2006. To register, follow the link below:




All players must Check-In to be assigned to your age/group coach. Check-in begins at 3:30. All players are required to tryout with their birth year appropriate team. All teams are new going into tryouts and all players will be placed based on their performance at tryouts regardless of previous team placement.

Only tryout registered players are allowed on the fields during tryouts. Parents, guardians, siblings and those that are not MSC volunteers are required to stay in the parking areas away from the fields. Those not authorized to be on the fields will be asked to return to their vehicles. Any questions on this may be directed to Michelle Niemann, MSC Registrar. 

Equipment Required: shin guards, cleats, water and an age appropriate soccer ball.

After tryouts have concluded and teams are formed, you will be contacted by the coach. Those who have been selected for a team will receive an email providing instructions for the MSC Player registration.

Please feel free to contact the MSC Board members if you have any questions or comments. Names and emails are found here. Or you may contact Michelle Niemann, Club Vice President at


Registration for Marshall Soccer Club 2023/2024 Academy.

This is for players with birth years 2016-2019 only.


Players born in 2015 or older should use the MSC Tryout link. Program begins after Labor Day in the fall and after Spring break in the Spring.

2015 & 2016 birth years practice one day per week and play games on Saturday morning. 4 optional jamborees in Kalamazoo per season are also available for players interested in getting a feel for travel soccer.

2017 & 2018 birth years practice and play games on Saturday mornings 

If you have any questions about registration or tryouts contact:




WMYSA Age Divisions

Divisions Eligible Birth Dates



U-5           1/1/20 thru 12/31/20

U-6           1/1/19 thru 12/31/19

U-7           1/1/18 thru 12/31/18

U-8           1/1/17 thru 12/31/17


U-9           1/1/16 thru 12/31/16

U-10         1/1/15 thru 12/31/15

U-11         1/1/14 thru 12/31/14

U-12         1/1/13 thru 12/31/13

U-13         1/1/12 thru 12/31/12

U-14         1/1/11 thru 12/31/11

U-15         1/1/10 thru 12/31/10

U-16         1/1/09 thru 12/31/09

U-17         1/1/08 thru 12/31/08

U-18         1/1/07 thru 12/31/07

U-19         1/1/06 thru 12/31/06



9am-12pm - Grades 2nd - 8th

9am-10:30am - Mini Kickers

6pm-9pm - Girls & Boys High School (entering grades 9-12 in the fall)

Soccer Camp Flyer

Soccer Sign Up Form



  • U9-U19 - $375 for Fall & Spring season

  • Birth Years 2016-2017 - $110 for Fall & Spring season

  • Birth Years 2018-2019 - $90 for Fall & Spring

  • Cost varies depending on uniform purchase

  • Cost could be offset with Marshall Soccer Club Scholarship based on individual needs


Galesburg, Portage, Kalamazoo & St. Joe



  • Fall - September through October

  • Spring - April through first week of June

  • Games are played Saturday and Sunday afternoons

  • Each season there are 4 home games and 4 away games

All practices will be held at the MSC Complex, 15760 Verona Road.


Equipment Required:
Shin guards, athletic shoes (cleats preferred but not required) and water.

Shared balls provided by MSC for use at practices and scrimmages.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Or you may contact Michelle Niemann, MSC Registrar at 


Galesburg, Portage, Kalamazoo & St. Joe

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